Lampoon - 18 Nov 2020

Table of content - Lampoon (18 Nov 2020)

We are fragile in our desire to stay strong
The Commitment Issue
Clarity, brilliance and transparency
Ibrahim Kamara / Willy Ndatira
Alexander James
Giovanni Vetere
Paolo Bottarelli
Johnson Tsang
Bonacina 1889
Ibrahim Kamara / Willy Ndatira Ibrahim Kamara / Willy Ndatira
Johnson Tsang
Paolo Bottarelli
Giovanni Vetere
Alexander James
Bonacina 1889
Collecting data from different sources to disclose the value of a brand
The beauty industry – a challenge of transparency and biodiversity
Yarn made from discarded materials – fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpets
Giorgio Armani, the ratio of traceability — how serious must we be?
Trees to compensate for carbon emissions – a step forward, to be honest
Canali – 85th anniversary of a family commitment to the land, to the people
Maria Grazia Chiuri – young girls and their master ladies
Aesthetics and literature: from a roof garden to a vertical forest
Human density is a matter of energy
Unseen data and human connections – it’s also about how a tree feels
Petros Efstathiadis
The Tyre Collective – combating the microplastic pollutant that we are forgetting
SaltyCo – water availability for humans and farming, using desalination
Katerina Jebb Archival works 2000 - 2020
The grafted
Trees towards cities humans towards forests
We think the forest is out there, but it’s inside us
I, Natura / BRUTO FNZ
A tale of three Cities – Tirana, London, Milan
Parks and literature – you need to be mindful that you are building a foundation for the future
Botanical considerations for revised landscapes – foliage contributes in dissipating wind force up to 15%
Humans and animals in the same cities alliance or rivalry?
Taxonomies / Stefano Graziani
300 vertical gardens – the man standing behind them
300 vertical gardens – the man standing behind them
This planet should be perpetual – brand authority comprised of a long-term promise to the environment
Aaron Schuman
Michael Petryk arborist
The planet’s eternal resilience: wild forests and forestry
Diversity is a buzzword, it’s used so much, it’s just so important
Daimen Hardie Community Forests International
The second largest forest in the world – planting trees isn’t a golden ticket
Felix Finkbeiner Plant-for-the-Planet
The target is one trillion trees – so far, 13.6 billion marked
Bio-facturing: a tree is growing in the shape of a refined chair wood harvesting instead of wood cutting
More than 24,000 acres – protecting the Italian hills, the area surrounding the mills
Master of Parks: the gentrification matter in New York City
Demineralizing the city: urban green grafts
Just about us: we build our own future one relationship at a time
We must become idealists to confront this world
Pierre-Alexis Dumas – Artistic Director Hermès architecture to produce more energy than it consumes
Alex Huanfa Cheng
Brooklyn, NY
St Jean de Luz, France
Louis Vuitton
Madre di me Gabriele Rosati
Jois, Burgenland, Eastern Austria
Youth Culture
Self Portraiture
East Village, New York City
Stas May
Marlon Rueberg
Igor Pjörrt
Nadine Fraczkowski
The Darkroom is a Bathroom
The Darkroom is a Bathroom
Alex Fornaro
Lars Brønseth
Ana Hell
Mehdi Sef
Aries Arise
Maison Michel
Collina Strada
Sean Suen

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