Esquire (Malaysia) - 10 Dez 2019

Table of content - Esquire (Malaysia) (10 Dez 2019)

Chivas Regal's Latest Global Campaign 'Success Is A Blend' Says Balance Is Key
On the print covers:
Zegna gets a 21st century upgrade; the latest from Louis Vuitton and Dior; suede shoes; trench coats; blazers and beanies; Emily Bode and her love of fabrics with a story; Uniqlo’s art and science of Lifewear.
Bose’s latest noise-cancelling headphones; Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+; the Mumm Grand Cordon; cars for the convinced.
Why Rolex and Formula 1 are at the forefront of innovation; Patek Philippe's heritage and quality; Guy Berryman’s watch collection.
Ian Somerhalder on fame, acting, fatherhood and how he is using his businesses to fight climate change.
Soft power
Dream weavers
Hey Arthur
Next level leather
Class of the titans
Stretching the rules
The kids are alright
Same but different
The suit reboot
Last resort
The complicated ones
A rare find
Newfound clarity
Zegna’s new kicks
Zegna’s new kicks
The new must-haves
Get in the trenches
Wait for it…
New beginnings
Always pack a blazer. Always.
Beanie man
A portrait of the artist as a young woman
The art and science of lifewear
Take a walk on the olfactory side
The time keeper
What I’ve learned: Sir Jackie Stewart
A rare find
My watches, Guy Berryman
Selective listening
To the power of 10+
An icon of celebration
Newfound clarity
Cars for the convinced
Fall Color
Maximum G Unit
Soft Power
Show Your Work
Strut Your Stuff
dream weavers
Same but different
Seasonal Tip No. 87
The Shoe Must Go On
Next Level Leather
Next Level Leather
class of the titans

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