British Archaeology - 1 Jul 2020

Table of content - British Archaeology (1 Jul 2020)

In the fields, in the streets, in the hills... New ways of telling the past
From the editor
This issue’s contributors include
A new way to date historic landscape use
A new project at Butser Ancient Farm
How a new dating technique solved a Westminster mystery
Two chariots, 84 barrows, spears, shields and two cows
Strange “head-and-hooves” burials in Gloucestershire
Jacquetta Hawkes, in Prehistoric Britain by jc & Hawkes (1943)
Janet Miller, ceo at Museum of London Archaeology
Thames at war, rock art, motorway excavations and more
Challenging times for archaeology and the cba
Covid-19 impact on heritage, and a hoard for Havering
Column 50 celebrates the network hub in York
Archaeological gold in the broadcast archives
A silent solstice at Stonehenge
Dun Flodigarry broch, Skye
CBA Correspondent
Unprecedented “head-and-hooves” burials
Britain in archaeology
Churchyards and trees
South Britain
A hoard for Havering
Alarming times
Concern for government
A stone tower and Jersey cows on Skye
A force for good in the world
Greg Bailey on broadcasting
Phase 2
A passage for kings and commoners
Dating the Westminster passageway with isotopic dendrochronology By Dan Miles & Neil Loader
POCKLINGTON More than chariots
The Butser Horton project
The Butser Horton project
OSL-PD: Shedding light on ancient fields
OSL-PD: Shedding light on ancient fields
Fifty Yearss of London's ArArchaeology
Farmsteads & Funerary Sites: The M11 Junction 12 Improvements & the A5– A5–MM1 Link Road Road, Central Bedfo Bedfordshire: Archa Archaeological Investigations Prior to Construction, 2011& 22015–16
The Rock-Art Landscapesapes of Rombalds Moor,r, West Yorkshire: StaStanding on Holy Gro Ground
The Thames at War:ar: Saving London fromthefromthe Blitz
50. The Casework Hub
Sundown on solstice multitude

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